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  • 01743 851518
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"The Loose Cannons"

John O'Groats to Lands End - Meet the Riders and Support Team!

The Riders


Vic, our great and talented leader, herding the team forward with boundless energy and enthusiasm, creating a bonded team that kept moving to schedule. All challenges were overcome, and problems solved with cheerful chatter. Winner of the Hadeda award for making the most noise.


Nick the Master Planner and route plotter extraordinaire. Down narrow country lanes, beautiful scenery with occasional challenging single track. Close views of Scottish Highlands and English countryside, Nick found the right way from start to end. A super-fit cyclist, he made it on his road bike.


Mike the Mechanic kept the e-bikes going under trying and difficult circumstances. Adjustment of break-pads, handle bars and seats, linking broken chains and fixing punctures. He navigated cycle pathways with Komoot while keeping the group amused by singing obscure ballads.


Gill the road queen, and only cyclist to pedal every inch of the way from start to finish. Lean and mean, she serves as an inspiration to the rest of the team, encouraging those behind her. Also baker of tasty biscuits and cakes along with her hubby and supporter, Richard.


Dave, who managed almost all of the route on mountain bike, hitching a ride in the camper van only on the most difficult afternoons. On occasion had to be found after missing a turn-off, he may have done more miles than the rest of us.


Gavin, safety and security officer, bringing up the rear and making sure no-one got left behind. However, also a destroyer of bikes, as a rugby prop physique took its toll on various parts of the e-bike after 18 days of sitting on the saddle.


Ingrid, Communications Officer and Queen of the mountains, for most of the way, until the unfathomable gradient at Mousehole got the better of everyone, and the heavy bikes had to be pushed. Love of coffee stops and picking flowers from the road-side, much to the consternation of the leader.


Julie, the battery queen, glided along effortlessly on her long, strong legs, and managed to cycle an entire day using only one battery, while others (unmentioned), used up to three. Also known for loving coffee stops and other retail therapy.


Richard, the battery conserver, cycling with dogged determination to ensure optimal levels of energy efficiency. Appreciator of bridges and other engineering feats, both old and modern along the paths, roads and canals that the team crossed.


Rod the gentleman and stalwart, always a willing helper, carrier of suitcases, oiler of bicycle chains and a great team member.

The Support Team


Jenny the Accountant, who had the crucial and unenviable job of managing finances and ensuring that fairness prevailed. Always the enthusiastic supporter to the cyclists as well as helper to John in sorting out the accommodation.


John the organiser, smoothed the way by going ahead to check in and check out accommodation, saved the day in Worcestershire so we didn’t sleep on the pavement, booked dinner every evening. Also, a lover of music, providing much entertainment.


Richard the Great steered his camper unscathed through many narrow country lanes and cycle paths, until unfortunately, on the very last day, an oak tree caught his roof leaving a large dent. Provider of best lunches, finder of the best lunch spots and creator of delicious home-made foods and condiments.


Sue, provider of wonderful lunches and snacks and maker of hot tea. Sue accompanied her brother in the camper van, from which they could warm up food and hand out crockery and cutlery. Camper tables and chairs were put out, and motherly support given to all.

Mel & Brenda

Mel and Brenda were our hostesses at home in Shrewsbury, where most of the team were given a home before the start and half-way through on the rest day. Much camaraderie in between, washing and drying of clothes, drinks on the river frontage and excellent meals were enjoyed.