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John O'Groats to Lands End - On a Powerhog E-Bike

John O' Groats to Lands End - May 2024

Sometimes a pint or six with some friends can spark some of the most imaginative and ambitious plans.

Most of these fizzle away along with the Alka-seltzer the following morning.

Not this one.

Join Victor, Mike, Nick, Ingrid, Julie, Kev, Richard, Gill, Gavin and Dave as they embark on the journey of a lifetime.

On May 11th 2024, the 10-strong team begin their grueling journey from John O' Groats to Lands End.

7 riders using the Powerhog Elegance E-Bike, 3 using standard road bikes.

Preparing for the drive

10 hours driving from Shrewsbury to Thurso

"Why are you doing this?" was frequently asked over the weeks of planning. Simply put, it's a bucket list adventure.

No charity, no incentive, no reason other than the thrill of tour cycling with friends, enjoying the beautiful scenery our country has to offer and completing a life-long goal.

Victor is the Managing Director of Depot2U and has a real passion for cycling.

He rides each day to work on his Powerhog Electric Bike come rain or shine.


Powerhog Elegance Step Through E-Bike

This particular model was chosen by the E-Bike riders for it's ample battery capacity and comfort over distance.

The step through frame is ideal for getting on and off the bike without wearing out the knees, and front basket / rear rack allow for carrying essentials along the way.

By carefully adjusting the pedal assist output based on the riding conditions and incline and testing on some routes, this was the most practical choice.

Day 1 - John O' Groats to Borgie Lodge, Skerray - 11th May 2024

Commentary from Ingrid Chadwick

"We set off from John o Groats after breakfast, with everyone in good spirits.

Found the famous sign post, to pose for the start of the JOGLE.

First half of 93km road was relatively flat and very scenic. Second half involved a lot of climbing up narrow twisty roads and rolling hills, with lots of yellow gorse bushes.

This stretch forms part of the NC500, with stunning coastal scenery, rugged mountains, lochs and old fishing villages.

The road got quite busy at times, with open sports cars a plenty, Lamborghinis, Mercedes and bikers competing for the road, which was often too narrow for 2 cars to pass.

Coming round a corner, we came upon a biker climbing his way out of some thick gorse bush after having missed a sharp curve in the road.

All cyclists were able to do the day on 2 batteries and the E-Bikes held up well, with only an odd squeaky brake needing some adjusting.

We arrived at the remote and quintessentially Scottish Borgie Lodge Hotel and had extremely generous portions of dinner, with items such as lamb shanks, salmon, venison, whiskey chicken or beef steaks with haggis on the menu. This was followed by a tot of whiskey or two in the cozy pub."


Day 2 - Skerray to Alness - 12th May 2024

Commentary from Ingrid Chadwick

"74 miles with 3150 feet of climbing proved to be a long tough day. The narrow roads were quiet with little traffic, as we were now in a more remote and less touristy area.

It was good to have a follow up van to rescue wayward cyclists, replace empty batteries and provide water.

Lunch was served by Richard and Sue from their camper van, which was parked at Shin Falls.

A massive climb up a never ending series of hills followed, and all were happy to get to the Station Hotel in Allness."


Day 3 - Alness to Aviemore - 13th May 2024

Commentary from Ingrid Chadwick

"We set off on our 94km ride from Alness to Avimore with 930m of climbing. Crossed Firth of Moray to Inverness, to a coffee stop at Alpine Sports Centre for some retail therapy envy.

Climbed up out of Inverness through Woodlands, and whilst waiting for our backup vehicle for replacement batteries, had a sing-aling led my Mike and Vic.

Alot of fun but best they keep their day-time jobs.

Arrived at 3pm at the Youth Hostel for Old people in Avimore."


Day 4 - Aviemore to Pitlochry - 14th May 2024

Commentary from Ingrid Chadwick

"We set off this morning from Avimore on our 96km ride to Pitlochrie. An easier ride with only 530m of climbing. Leaving Avimore, we rode through ancient pine forests with mossy feet, frantically peddling up small hillock, and then gliding down into valleys, crossing babbling brooks, and through hamlets of white washed houses.

First puncture of the trip, when a stone punctured Gavin's back Tyre.

Mike, the mechanic, with some unwanted assistance from Victor, rapidly repaired the wheel, and all were soon back on the road.

By lunch time, we had reached Dalwhinnie Distillery, where Richard and Sue had setup a breakfast table, serving bacon and egg rolls.

The afternoon saw us riding up a wide bottomed valley, created by a tributary of the Spey Valley.

Cycling under dark clouds, we came upon the highest point in Scotland. From there we rode along the Tey River, past some expensive looking properties and shops, and into Pitlochrie.

Pitlochrie is a pretty little town, attracting many tourists."


Day 5 - Pitlochry to Callander - 15th May 2024

Day 5 marks an important milestone as the team reach over 300 miles on their journey so far - nearly a third of the trip done and spirits remain high.


Day 6 - Callander to Larkhall - 16th May 2024

The team made their journey from Callander to Larkhall, passing through Thornhill, Kippen, Fintry, Muir Toll, Lennoxtown, Milton of Campsie, Kirkintilloch, Gartcosh, and Bothwell. The ride offered stunning countryside views, challenging climbs, and historic sites like Bothwell Castle. The team enjoyed picturesque landscapes, quiet rural roads, and celebrated their successful adventure upon arriving in Larkhall.


Day 7 - Larkhall to Gretna Green - 17th May 2024

Day 7 saw a 70 mile journey from Larkhall to Gretna Green, following a scenic route through Lesmahagow, Abington, and Moffat. This leg was particularly significant as it marked the final push of the crossing the length of Scotland, a major milestone in their tour from John O’ Groats to Land’s End.

The ride offered a mix of challenging climbs and gentle descents, with highlights including the serene Annandale Valley and the historic town of Moffat. A challenging but rewarding ride with the bittersweet satisfaction of coming to the end of the Scottish leg of the tour.


Day 8 - Gretna Green to Windermere - 18th May 2024

The most challenging part of the tour so far came on the route to Windermere - Kirkstone Pass.

As put in words by Mike Drage:

"As the intrepid team ventured forth we Crossed the border today back into England yet again beautiful weather no rain, noticeable changes in the countryside, the sheep are far more comfortable in human company and we can understand what the bloody hell people are saying.

Through the Centre of Carlisle’s was a pleasure compared to Glasgow and onwards into very pleasant countryside with the specter of the Kirkstone pass (also known as the Widow Maker) which has been looming over all members, getting closer and closer with every rotation of every pedal. A 1,500 ft accent along stone wall lined curves.

With fresh batteries, pure grit 'n grunting we set off from the bottom perspiration flowing passing skeletons of many failed cyclists n their burnt out bikes also a Lands Rover - so proud of all and every single member all making to summit."


Day 9 - Windermere to Brockhall Village - 19th May 2024